Blake Prem Off Pocket 25mm Gusset P&S Wndw 140gsm C4 Ult White Wove Ref 37116 Pk100 *3to5 Day Leadtime*

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Product Code: 135348

Barcode: 05055559724247


Pack Size: 1

Product Features

  • C4 size (324x229x25mm)
  • Made from heavyweight 140gsm paper
  • Window size of 40x105mm
  • Window position 24mm in from LHS, 213mm up
  • Peel and seal closure - peel away the release tape from the flap to reveal a strip of gum and press down to form an instant bond
  • Pocket envelope type, therefore the flap is on the short edge of the envelope
  • 25mm gusset maximises the available capacity, ideal for sending large items such as reports, project proposals, catalogues and brochures
  • Blue hatch opaque interior
  • Laser window film
  • Digital and laser printer safe
  • 5 year shelf life
  • FSC® certified - products are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from sustainable sources
  • Wove finish, therefore the envelope has a smooth surface
  • Pack of 100 envelopes
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Product Description

Blake Prem Off Pocket 25mm Gusset P&S Wndw 140gsm C4 Ult White Wove Ref 37116 Pk100 *3to5 Day Leadtime*

Blake Premium™ Office C4 Ultra White Wove gusset pocket envelopes. In today's world of demand, why should the envelope escape attention? Blake have put a lot of thought and detail into creating an envelope to perform in all environments. Its ability to work with laser, digital and Inkjet technologies and not forgetting the art of writing, are all areas where this product excels. These envelopes are heavyweight 140gsm, feature a window, 25mm gusset and are FSC® certified. This pack contains 100 envelopes.

Barcode: 05055559724247

Delivery estimations: Order fulfilment will take up to 10 days and is subject to stock availability. Product is non-returnable.

Product Specification
Global Attributes
FSC® Certified Yes
dimensions 324x229x25mm
Manufacturer Blake Envelopes
Type Window Envelopes
FSC® Certification No C007133
Grammage Other
Product Attributes
Padded No
Opaque Interior Yes
Flap Position Short Edge
Gusset 25mm Gusset
Window Size 40x105mm
Envelope Colour Ultra White
Closure Peel & Seal
Finish Wove
Size C4
Envelope Grade Heavy Weight
Window Position 24mm in from LHS, 213mm up
Colour White
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