Scott Young Research Interchange Syntex Kentucky Mop Head 16oz Green Ref CM18G

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Product Code: 124341

Barcode: 05032708013957

Brand: Scott Young Research

Pack Size: 1

Product Features

  • Great value everyday 16oz cotton fibre white yarn changer mop head with looped end and stay flat band
  • Mop head is supplied complete with green colour-coded Interchange fitting
  • Cotton mop heads are launderable and must be cleaned and allowed to dry after use to stop them from rotting and smelling
  • Use with colour-coded SYR Freedom interchange screw end broom handle (code 124348 for green handle grip)
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Product Description

Scott Young Research Interchange Syntex Kentucky Mop Head 16oz Green Ref CM18G

Colour coding is based on the idea of designating particular cleaning products and processes to consistent colour schemes. It's purpose is to segregate equipment and procedures in order to prevent cross contamination in the home and workplace. Follow the 'Golden Rules' below to use colour coding successfully and help protect human health. Red High Risk Sanitary Areas such as toilets, urinals and washroom floors Blue Low Risk General Area such as desk tops, window ledges, dusting & polishing Green Catering Departments Food processing, food services & bar areas Yellow Washbasins & surfaces including tiled walls, mirrors, glass & metal.

Barcode: 05032708013957

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Product Specification
Global Attributes
Manufacturer Scot Young Research
Type Brooms, Mops & Buckets
weight 16oz
warranty 12 Months
Product Attributes
Application Indoor Floor Cleaning
Mechanical Wringer No
For Use With Handle code 124348
Form Mop Head Only
Castors No
Product Type Mop Head Only
Washable Yes
Wringer No
Colour Green
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