GE 35W Low Voltage Capsule AF GY6.35 Halogen Bulb Dimmable 600lm EEC-C Ref34710 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*

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Product Code: 125732

Barcode: 09004102347101

GE Lighting

Pack Size: 20

Product Features

  • Small filament – Compact Size
  • Robust filament – Longer life (3-4Khrs)
  • Shock resistance
  • Much higher efficacy (Lm/W) than mains voltage halogen (30-35% better)
  • UV radiation falls below the international threshold values
  • Fully dimmable
  • General lighting for residential and commercial purposes, especially illumination of light sensitive objects in shop windows, galleries, museums, etc.
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Product Description

GE 35W Low Voltage Capsule AF GY6.35 Halogen Bulb Dimmable 600lm EEC-C Ref34710 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*

These lamps are made from a quartz material which blocks virtually all UV-B and UV-C radiation. With a transmission cut-off wavelength of between 350 and 400 nm, it is ideal for lamps requiring maximum visible transmittance with nearly complete UV protection. The lamps use doped quartz which is an effective barrier to potentially harmful ultra-violet radiation while maintaining the other high quality properties of standard clear fused quartz. The axial filament types have been specifically developed to satisfy the demand for a wide smooth beam with a good cut-off, from a miniature linear reflector, for the uniform lightingof vertical surfaces, for table lamps for task lighting, or for wall mounted or portable uplighters. With all wattages having the axial filament at the same light centre, one luminaire design may cover a range of illuminance for a variety of residential and commercial requirements. When used in spot reflectors these lamps may also be more efficient alternatives to transverse filament types, because a substantial portion of the filament will always be in the focal point.

Barcode: 09004102347101

Delivery estimations: Order fulfilment will take up to 10 days and is subject to stock availability. Product is non-returnable.

Product Specification
Global Attributes
Manufacturer GE Lighting
dimensions 44x10.5mm
weight 2g
Other Enviro Details IEC Standards
Type Electrical Spares
warranty 12 Months
Product Attributes
Colour Temperature 2900K
Dimmable Yes
Bulb Type Halogen Capsule
Power 35watt
Cap/Base GY6.35-15
Form Light Bulbs
Lumens/Candelas 600lm
Lifetime 3,000 hours
Energy Efficiency Class C
Bulbs in Pack 20
Equivalent to 35watt
Fitting Axial Filament
Voltage 12V
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