Flash All Purpose Cleaner for Washable Surfaces 5 Litres Lemon Fragrance Ref 1014001

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Product Code: 845234

Barcode: 05413149200111


Pack Size: 1

Product Features

  • All Purpose & Multi Purpose Cleaners offer you a universal solution for your entire home, so you don't need hundreds of cleaners in your cleaning cupboard!
  • Flash multipurpose cleaner dissolves grease and dirt, leaving freshness and brilliant shine, so you can easily clean everyday dirt and grease
  • it is perfect for hard, washable surfaces and can be used to clean all around the house, the floor, the kitchen, bathroom and living areas
  • Use it diluted for floor cleaning (pour 2x Caps (60ml) for 5L of water; No need to rinse)
  • On painted and varnished surfaces, only use diluted
  • If in doubt, test on a hidden area before use
  • Do not use on non-washable surfaces e.g. waxed wood, untreated wood
  • When used neat (directly on the surface or sponge), rinse and dry hands after use
  • Also recommended for professional use
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Product Description

Flash All Purpose Cleaner for Washable Surfaces 5 Litres Lemon Fragrance Ref 1014001

The Professional Range of cleaning products are not the same as the products that you use at home. We have pulled together a selection consisting of products from well known and trusted brands which target the truly professional businesses. By giving you excellent cleaning results, you can focus on your core business such as serving your guests or caring for your patients. However, these products can also be used in domestic homes for outstanding cleaning!

Barcode: 05413149200111

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Product Specification
Global Attributes
Type Cleaning Fluids
Manufacturer Procter & Gamble
Product Attributes
Pack Size 5 Litres
Application All Purpose Cleaner
Form Bottle
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